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How to Choose an LSAT Prep Course


Scorpios, Geminis, INTJ, ESTP, introvert, extrovert or however you choose to identify, we can all admit we’re unique and learn differently. Some of us are morning people, others are more productive with their laptop propped up in bed, and still others can only find time to themselves on their commute to work. Fortunately, Blueprint LSAT understood this and decided to meet students where they are. You’re not basic, so why should your test prep be? Below we breakdown the four LSAT prep courses we offer to help you find your perfect option.

Your first step is deciding what kind of student you are and how you learn best. Then you can decide which LSAT prep course will work for you. It’s never one-size-fits-all, so if you need help deciding which prep style is right for you, our Academic Managers are experienced in helping students navigate through LSAT prep.

Ah, the classroom LSAT course–ol’ reliable. This is the first thing people think about when they start to consider LSAT prep. The Blueprint Classroom Courses are split up into 16 sessions taught by 98th percentile instructors. Students receive 3 textbooks, as well as access to 19 practice tests and numerous additional online drills, workshops, and videos. Students can track their progress with state-of-the-art analytics and customize their study plan with intelligent weakness-pinpointing software. The proprietary Law School Compass also takes the guesswork out of estimating chances of admissions to your dream schools. The classroom course is great for people who like (or need) structure and someone to keep them accountable during the course. The idea is, if you complete the course in its entirety (and do all your homework), you will see a practice score increase–and this is backed by a Score Increase Guarantee. If you learn best in a “school” environment, then this is the option for you.

Live Course
What if you want the personal connection of having an instructor answer your questions as you think of them, and guide you through lessons, but are adverse to sitting in yet another classroom? Perhaps there’s no room in your schedule to travel to and from a class or you simply want to study at that cute coffee shop with the comfy pillows. Live Course was especially developed for these people. Live Course puts you in front of the same 98th percentile instructors that teach our classroom courses and live-streams lessons directly to your laptop, phone, tablet, or Smart TV. A Teacher’s Assistant will also be present to help answer questions and keep the flow moving smoothly so students can participate like they would in an in-person course. Just as with the Classroom Course, the Live Course is split up into 16 sessions and students receive all the same extras and a Score Increase Guarantee. However, LOL students also get exclusive access to Office Hours for even more help, while collaborating with other students. The classes are capped at 20 students for a truly immersive LSAT prep experience in a small group setting. As with other Blueprint LSAT courses, students can still track their progress and customize their study plans based on their strengths and weaknesses. LOL is poised to change the way you study for the LSAT by offering you the convenience and flexibility to participate in a live class anywhere you are.

On Demand
Blueprint’s On Demand Course works exactly as it reads: on demand. The course consists of 88 hours of online video lessons led by Blueprint founders Trent Teti and Matt Riley, both of whom scored in the 99th percentile on their own LSATs. Students still receive the textbooks, practice exams, and access to custom study plans and the Law School Compass. However, the On Demand course is the only one that comes with 24-hour support. The course is subscription based, and ideal for the disciplined self-studying student who wants to prep on their own time around their schedule.

When we realized our instructors were complete rockstars at what they do, we knew we couldn’t keep them just to ourselves. Students can enroll in private, one-on-one tutoring with our instructors no matter where they live. If the pair is local, they can meet in person but distance is not a factor for our tutors because Skype sessions are also a possibility. Tutoring can be purchased as complete packages or as supplements to a Blueprint course. The standalone tutoring packages vary in hours, but all include the textbooks, 19 practice exams, and access to the On Demand course and every LSAC question ever released. If you crave that personal attention or simply need a little extra help with your prep, Blueprint’s tutoring options are a worthwhile investment.

Happy Studying!