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Logical Reasonings

A. We kicked off our fall tutoring sale today. We are offering 20% off all tutoring purchases from now until Friday, October 13 at 6:30 pm PT. This is the last discount on tutoring that we’ll be offering before the December LSAT, so don’t miss out! Promo code FALL20 at checkout. Blueprint LSAT

B. In honor of Columbus Day, a reminder that he was a genocidal maniac who believed that the Earth was shaped like a giant pear and had a nipple at the top. New Yorker

C. Looks like inter-SCOTUS squabbles are developing between rookie Gorsuch and big chief Roberts. CNN

D. And … unrelated? … Gorsuch has to share an office with a creepy elk’s head from Scalia’s hunting endeavors. Associated Press

E. A compelling case that USC’s Gould School of Law is the ugliest law school in America. Above the Law