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Logical Reasonings

A. Don’t forget — next week we’ll be offering 20% off all tutoring purchases. Stay tuned. Blueprint LSAT

B. Today what was surely a group of old white men made another decision that will affect millions of women. The Trump administration announced it would limit federal requirements that employers provide birth control coverage in their health plans. This will surely set off a new round of lawsuits against the administration. NY Times

C. Sessions also wrote a memo arguing that Title VII protection does not extend employment protection to transgendered people, but remained mum on whether it should protect the job of a Keebler elf impersonating a human being. ABA Journal

D. The power of the free speech: a man who was arrested for disorderly conduct for flipping off his pastor got his conviction overturned with a First Amendment argument. Atlanta-Journal Constitution

E. AOL will finally shut down AOL Instant Messenger, the O.G. chat app. Away messages with Dashboard Confessional lyrics at half mast this weekend, everybody. Tech Crunch