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Logical Reasonings

A.Thought you were safe from Wikileaks because you’re just a law school student and who cares about what you’re doing? Surprise! Above the Law

B. And in related news, a group of graduates from a law school founded by super-Evangelical political persona Pat Robertson signed an open letter denouncing Donald Trump. Above the Law

C. And here’s an interesting (mildly NSFW) protest to the decision by the Texas state legislature to allow guns on the UT Austin campus. Huffington Post

D. Did you hear that the Oregon federal reserve standoff guys — Ammon Bundy and the rest, ‘member that? — were acquitted. Well, their lawyer had a hissy fit and got tased in the courtroom. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Fox News

E. And, well, just read this. Ugh. Think Progress