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It’s Halloween! What Could Be Scarier Than The LSAT?

This is what the proctors all look like.

If you’re currently studying for the LSAT, costume shopping may have slipped your mind. Heck, Halloween might’ve slipped your mind. Well, it’s never too late to put together a Halloween costume that’ll knock your friends’ socks off. Here are a few ideas that’ll jibe with your all-LSAT-all-the-time mindset.

A Murdered Score Sheet

This one’s a no-brainer. You know what an LSAT score sheet looks like. Just get yourself a blank sandwich board and draw one on there. Proceed to rip it furiously to pieces and splash fake blood on it and — voila! You’ve got a real-life expression of your LSAT frustration.

Justice Thurgood Marshall

As any Blueprint student knows, Thurgood Marshall was the first African-American Supreme Court justice. Before that, he argued seminal civil rights cases before the court, including Brown v. Board of Education, which held that school segregation violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, and was therefore impermissible.

Any Blueprint student further knows that the makers of the LSAt are obsessed with Justice Marshall. All you need is a robe, a gavel, and a pair of 60’s black rim glasses, and you’re good to go.

(For the love of God, please do not paint your face in any manner if you are going to go for this one.)

The Ad Hominem Fallacy

This is the easiest of the bunch. You don’t even need to dress up. Just insult others liberally, ignoring any rational argument they might be making.

The Dinosaur Extinction

So, you just get one of those rubber dinosaur costumes, and then you make a comet out of paper mache. Last step, stick it on the end of a straightened out metal hangar and carry it around with you. Everyone knows half the questions on the LSAT are about what killed the dinosaurs.

Also, feel free to alter this costume to indicate that viruses, aliens, the Great Flood, an earthquake, a volcano, or the music of One Direction were responsible for the extinction of these massive beasts.

A Traumatized LSAT Student

In other words, don’t wear a costume. Just drink in the corner while choking back tears.

Got any other ideas? Drop ’em in the comments!