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Logical Reasonings

A. The Blueprint mobile app now features adaptive homework and customizable problem sets. Study for the LSAT your way. Blueprint LSAT Prep

B. Here’s an article from our friends over at Above the Law on choosing the right school for a career in public interest law. Above the Law

C. When you marry a lawyer, you have expectations, amirite? So, when this lawyer lost his job, his new bride murdered him. Totally justifiable homicide because, hey, that Maserati ain’t gonna buy itself.

D. Wanna see a picture of a cat that is *super high* right now? Did we really have to ask? (OMG, that cat is really high.) The Dodo

E. And, finally, Snapchat has rolled out a special lens effect that users get on their birthday, furthering the dangerous notion, widely held by Snapchat users, that they’re interesting and/or important. Venture Beat