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Blueprint’s mobile app learns you while you learn the LSAT!


This week, we’re rolling out some new features on our mobile app that, in our humble opinion, will revolutionize the way aspiring lawyers study for the LSAT. All these features revolve around one simple idea: The best LSAT prep is tailored to your needs.

These features, which are also available through our web portal, are available to all Blueprint students:

Adaptive Learning: Master concepts and question types with homework that’s tightly targeted to your skill level. How? The Blueprint mobile app tracks your performance with each question and serves the next question on the basis of an up-to-the minute assessment of your skill level.

Customizable Practice Sets: Create extra practice sets by number of questions, concept tested, question type, and difficulty, so each moment of study time is time well spent. For best results, check your progress with Blueprint’s powerful suite of performance analytics so you know exactly what you need to work on and what you’ve got down cold.

Interactive Drills: Swipe your way through fun and challenging drills that instill the building blocks of LSAT mastery.

Whether you’re taking a classroom course with one of Blueprint’s brainy instructors or the online course, taught by our funny and incisive founders, you’ve got powerful, portable practice – say that three times fast! – right at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere. Check out this video:


Curious? Our online course comes with a 10-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can give it a risk-free whirl and see for yourself what 21st century LSAT prep looks like.