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Logical Reasonings

A. Suffolk Law School has turned a back room in its library into a new lawyer sweatshop. Above the Law
B. Interesting days in law school news, apparently: The American Bar Association is investigating Brigham Young University, which has a policy of expelling LGBT people and those who leave the LDS Church. Fox 13 News
C. Abe Vigoda – Salvatore Tessio in the Godfather – apparently was still alive until today. Why didn’t anyone tell us this?? The Hollywood Reporter
D. David Daleiden, the head of organization that released videos of encounter with Planned Parenthood officials purporting to show negotiations over the sale of tissue from aborted fetuses, has been charged with one felony and one misdemeanor in connection with those videos. Time
E. Here’s some compelling drone footage showing that El Nino is causing part of San Francisco to collapse into the sea. Serious drop in home value here. Serious drop in home, period. Huffington Post