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Logical Reasonings

A. Three scary dudes (think murder, torture, and kidnapping) escaped from Men’s Central Jail in Orange County, California. The escape included cutting through rebar. Looks like all the jail guards need to be sacked. L.A. Times
B. Remember that Mizzou professor that said she needed “some muscle” to deal with journalists documenting campus protests? She’s been charged with assault for grabbing a journalist’s camera. USA Today
C. Harvard Law School has closed an investigation into what they deemed a hate crime – someone placed black tape over the portraits of many black faculty members – without naming a suspect. The Daily Caller
D. Former employees are suing Disney, alleging that the company replaced them illegally with lower wage workers brought in from other countries. The New York Times
E. The first voting for the 2016 election is just a week away! Ack! The Hill