Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A) An investigation into corruption of admissions standards at University of Texas Law (#15 in the US News rankings) has revealed that the school admitted some students with “atrocious test scores” — including one student who scored a 128 (!!!) on the LSAT. Watchdog.org

    B) One law school prof thinks it’s time to kill the bar exam. Above the Law

    C) The 25 law schools that offer the best financial aid. Get get get get that paper. Business Insider

    D) Ralph Nader is opening a Tort Museum and called it “exciting.” I don’t know which element of that sentence is most ridiculous. Wall Street Journal

    E) If you give up on law school, you can now get a BFA in Comedy from Emerson College. Splitsider

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