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Law School Applications Drop Again

LSAC, that bastion of prelaw-related data, recently released application numbers the 2014-15 law school cycle. The results are in, and law school applications continue to fall. The number of law school applicants is down 2.5% from this time last year, and the number of applications is down 4.7%. Law school hopefuls applied to an average of six schools each.

Although those percentages may seem small, it’s notable because the number of people considering law school – including those taking the LSAT, those applying to law schools, and those actually enrolling – has been in a freefall for the past five years or so. Law schools, which are increasingly feeling the financial pinch as fewer folks break their piggy banks to go to law school, are responding by reducing class sizes and cutting faculty.

But enough about law schools’ perspective. What does this mean for you, the potential applicant?

The bottom line is that it’s still a good time to be applying to law school. Since schools have fewer prospective students to choose from, they’re now more inclined to compete for applicants. In many cases, this means that schools are offering more generous scholarships or admitting applicants with lower LSAT scores and GPAs than they have historically accepted.

The other pertinent fact for law school hopefuls is that the number of applicants in the highest range of LSAT scores has been decreasing, which means that higher-scoring students are even more in demand. LSAT scores have always been the single most important part of a prospective law student’s application, but now having a high LSAT score is a bigger leg up than ever.