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Logic Games Practice – Seating Chart

Diagram the following ordering game rules and make any deductions you can:

    1. Malika is in a seat to the left of Rashad, but to the right of Lee.
    2. Lee is in a seat immediately to the left of Paula.
    3. Sanjay is in a seat next to Rashad.

First, note that rule 1 is sort of two rules in one.  It tells us that M is left of R (M – R) and that M is to the right of L (L – M).  We can write those as one chain: L – M – R.  Rule 2 gives us a block.  L is immediately left of P, so we can write that as LP with a box around both letters.  Rule 3 also gives us a block, but it is reversible.  Since we do not know whether R or S comes first, we will write out an RS block, but then put a reversible arrow on top of the block to show that the letters can go in either direction.  Next, we can combine all of these rules into one long ordering chain.  To do so, we look for letters that show up more than once in a rule.  L shows up in rules 1 and 2.  That allows us to say that the LP block is before M, which is before R.  Next, R shows up in rules 1 and 3.  That allows us to conclude that the RS block goes after M.

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