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Logic Games Practice – Concert

Diagram the following grouping game rules and make any deductions you can:

  1. 1. If the concerto is selected, the ballad will not be selected.
  2. 2. The aria will not be selected unless the ballad is selected.
  3. 3. The dirge will be selected if the concerto is selected.


Each of these rules are conditional statements, which we can diagram using the normal rules for conditional diagrams.  Once we have the individual rules diagrammed, we can look for repeating letters to see if we can chain the rules together.  Here, we can chain all three rules into one transitive conclusion.  The term “Not B” occurs in rules 1 and 2.  Those rules combine to give us the chain C  not B  not A.  Finally, the term C occurs in rules 1 and 3.  That allows us to branch the term D off of the term C in our chain, as is shown in the diagram.

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