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LG – Photographs

A group of 6 friends is taking a photograph. Four men – Eddie, Frank, Geoff, and Herrod – and two women – Stevee and Tracy. Who is in the picture and who is out of the picture at any particular time is determined by the following conditions:
1. Herrod is out of the photograph if Eddie is in the photograph
2. If Geoff is in the photograph, Stevee is also in
3. If any of the women are in the photograph, F is in the photograph as well
4. If H is out of the photograph, T is in the photograph

1. Which one of the following is a list of all of the friends who could be in the photograph at a particular time?
A. Geoff, Stevee, Eddie
B. Herrod, Tracy
C. Eddie, Tracy, Frank
D. Eddie, Tracy, Frank, Herrod
E. Steeve, Frank


This is an elimination question. So we apply each rule to the answer choices to see which answer choices violate it. Answer choice (A) violates rule #4 and #3. Answer choice (B) violates rule #3. Answer choice (D) violates rule # 1. Answer choice (E) violates rule # 4. Thus, the answer is (C),

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