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Logic Games Practice – A to F

Diagram the following ordering game rules and make any deductions you can from them:

  1. 1. A is to the left of E and F.
  2. 2. D and B are consecutive.
  3. 3. F is to the right of B.

First note that rule 2 gives us a reversible block.  D and B are side-by-side, but we don’t know which one comes first.  So, we should include a reversible arrow above the block to indicate that the letters can go in either direction.  Next, we can combine all of these rules into one long ordering chain.  To do so, we look for letters that show up more than once in a rule.  For example, B shows up in rules 2 and 3.  That means we can conclude that the reversible DB block is to the left of F.  F also shows up twice, in rules 1 and 3.  That allows us to attach this DB – F chain to rule 1 as shown in the diagram.

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