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Last-Minute Tips While Awaiting Your December LSAT Score

December LSAT scores are going to be out… NOW. No, wait… NOW! Not yet? Crap. Now? No? Well, hopefully they’ll be out sometime today. Although they’re not scheduled to come out until Friday, so you might be doing even more waiting. So instead of sitting at your computer refreshing your email every eight seconds like a madman, you could be doing something productive. Such as…

Double Checking all Application Elements – Ideally, you want to apply as soon as you get your LSAT score back (fingers crossed for today!). To do that, you have to make sure you have every element of your application in to LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service. Double check that they’re all there! Today! All of your grades, your personal statement (or personal statements if you’re using different versions), letters of rec., etc. If something’s missing, better to know sooner rather than letter. Speaking of which…

Checking in on Letters of Recommendation – If you’re applying this cycle, your letters of recommendation are hopefully in by now and ready to go. But if LSAC hasn’t received them by this point, check in with your letter-writers. The letters may just still be being processed, but don’t assume that they’ve definitely been sent in. People are flaky and forgetful. You wouldn’t want one absent-minded professor to be the thing that stands between you and law school. Ideally you would have checked in on these earlier, but it’s not too late!

Getting in your Fall Grades – This is for current students. If you’re applying right now, your application probably won’t include the grades from your most recent term. In fact, your Fall/Winter grades probably only recently got released, or maybe haven’t come out at all. But if those grades are (or will be) way higher than your current GPA, it would be worthwhile to get them in as soon as you possibly can. Law schools love upward movement in grades. Check with your school to see if they offer rush delivery and get them into LSAC as soon as you can. Because if you can get law schools to see them before they make their decision, that could make the difference for a few schools.

Literally Anything Else – Staring at your computer all day isn’t going to make those LSAT scores come out faster. So for those who took my class here in New York, get out and enjoy this beautiful 19-degree day!