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Introducing our Live Course!


For years, Blueprint has strived to offer the best LSAT prep, whether you’d prefer to learn in a classroom or at your own pace from the comfort of your home. So we’ve offered live classroom courses at major markets all across the nation, for students who want a consistent schedule and the option to ask questions to an instructor who knows the LSAT inside and out. And we’ve also offered, for those who like to go at their own pace or who can’t make it to a classroom a few times each week, an on-demand LSAT online course, which covers the same material as the classroom course, but through online videos students can access at any time.

But lately we started wondering … could we offer both … at the same time? After all, a bad argument that shows up, over and over again, on the LSAT is one that assumes that two options are mutually exclusive, when maybe they’re not. In this case, that would be the assumption an LSAT prep course has to be either entirely live or entirely online. If we could be accused of making the same mistake that we’ve taught thousands of students to identify … well, that would be a shot of bitter irony we couldn’t stomach.

Thus, we made — and are proud to introduce — our LSAT Live Course. And despite its acronym, this course is no laughing matter. As its name suggests, the live online course combines what we think are some of the best elements of both the live classroom and the online courses.

First, we took the proven Blueprint curriculum that has helped students average an 11-point score increase on their practice exams. Like both the classroom and online courses, the live online course will start with LSAT basics and, piece by piece, expand upon those until students are comfortably answering the most demanding questions on the exam. And, as in both the online and classroom courses, students will develop the skills needed to vanquish the LSAT, through a schedule of 16 lessons, 3 at-home practice workshops, and 6 practice exams and an individualized set of homework that adapts to your own strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also receive a MyBlueprint account, which gives you access to 88 additional video lessons, drills, and free office hours.

Second, we took from the classroom course the benefits of having an instructor teach this material in real time. For the live online courses, we’ll be using the same Blueprint instructors who teach the classroom courses. That is, the same instructors who have scored a 170 or above on a real LSAT, who have developed their LSAT teaching skills through over 70 hours of rigorous training, and who can bring their own personal spin to the LSAT. These instructors will record their lessons live from our offices in Los Angeles, CA, and you’ll be able to follow the lessons through an online webinar platform as the lessons are recorded.

In addition to the quality of the instruction, the live online courses will also allow you to interact with the instructor, as in the classroom course. The option to ask your instructor questions to clarify certain points is an invaluable resource. Through the online interface of the live online class, you’ll be able to ask questions, make comments, and respond to the instructor’s questions. There will even be a second Blueprint instructor, acting as a TA, who will field your comments, ensuring that the whole lesson runs smoothly and efficiently.

Third, from the online course, we took the option of learning from the comfort of your own home (or favorite library, or coffee shop … or wherever you steal wifi from, really). With your busy schedule, it can be hard to schlep to a classroom multiple times a week. Plus, there’s traffic, parking … walking to the classroom, which sometimes involves having to walk up stairs … it’s a whole thing. With the live online course, you don’t have to go anywhere, if you don’t want to. Technically speaking, you don’t even have to get dressed to attend — though we definitely don’t need to know about that. In addition to incorporating the ease and comfort of the online course, you’ll be able to enroll in the live online course no matter where you live. Even if you don’t live near one of our classroom course locations, you can get a comparable experience by attending the live online course.

So, by combining the structure and instruction of the classroom course with the convenience and accessibility of the online course, we believe our live course will give the students the best of both worlds. And you’ll be able to enroll in the live online course no matter where you are — all you’ll need is an internet connection.