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How to interpret your June LSAT score

June LSAT score release dates should be just around the corner. Many students will be quite happy with the scores they got back; if so, congratulations! If you’re mulling over a retake, here are some ideas to help with the decision.

You definitely should retake if:

  • Your test day score was more than three points below the average of your last 3 Preptests, especially if you can identify something specific that went wrong on the day of the test (nerves, illness, etc)

You should consider retaking if:

  • There were serious deficiencies in your preparation which might include:
    • less than two months of serious preparation
    • spotty prep schedule or rampant procrastination
  • Your score is below the 25% mark for admission at any of the law schools you’d like to go to and you have a reasonable reason to assume that you can do better on the next exam

You probably shouldn’t retake if:

  • Your score was in the 3-point range of your past Preptests but you “think you could do better”

This is a hard decision for a lot of test-takers.  In short, you want to have a reason to re-take. A  vague sense that you’re a 170+ scorer despite never having broken 165 would not be a good reason.

Another note: if you are planning on retaking, you need to think of another method to prepare.  The biggest example of this is people who took a Big Prep class, failed to improve much, and are mulling taking the course again (often for free). This is like having a used car break down then immediately buying a new one from the same dealership; you need to make a change.

Whether it’s upgrading from LSAT for Dummies to Powerscore Bibles, getting independent tutoring, or just increasing your focus, make sure you’re doing something different to prep this time.

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