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    Like the proverbial floodgates, law schools nationwide have officially opened up the 2018-19 admissions cycle. Now every law school is accepting applications from thousands of law school hopefuls, armed with nothing but an LSAT score, a GPA, and a dream.

    But, like the tides spilling from recently opened floodgates, these applications are rolling. As in, the schools are handing out seats in their classes of 2022 to applicants as we speak. Or as I type, and as you read. Look, you get what I mean, and there’s not really time dawdle or get into semantics. If all you have is the GPA and the dream, and you still need to secure that LSAT score, it’s time to get serious about nailing down that LSAT score and applying to law school ASAP.

    And the next LSAT that you can use in the 2018-19 admissions cycle is the January 26, 2019 exam. And again, since these admissions are rolling, taking a later 2019 LSAT will put you at a sizable disadvantage compared to your J.D.-seeking peers. You’ll need to make this January LSAT count, so you can apply before it’s too late.

    We know this can feel like quite the predicament, but we got your back. Blueprint LSAT has three courses that can help you get prepared for the January LSAT. We’ll make sure you use the next few months to become a world-conquering LSAT master. The awe-inspiring score you’ll get on the January exam will be the last piece of your application puzzle, allowing you to apply before this admissions cycle closes. And, because we also know applying to law school can be so stressful, we want to sweeten the deal for you a little bit. So we’re offering a sale on all three of our courses that will help you get prepared for the January 26th LSAT.

    All three of these courses will take you from LSAT basics to the most difficult LSAT concepts, giving you all the skills you’ll need to make that January score count. Each course uses the proven Blueprint curriculum, which covers all three sections of the LSAT with tried-and-true methods. All three courses will give you access to our state-of-the-art online account and iOS app, which will give you access to every LSAT question ever published, a wealth of online videos, and homework that will automatically create completely customized homework sets based on your own strengths and weaknesses. And [extreme informercial voice] that’s not all … in each course, you’ll have access to our brand-new LSAT Office Hours, in which you can get free online help from a Blueprint instructor, 6 days a week.

    The main difference between these three courses how you’ll learn the curriculum. In the classroom course, you’ll learn this material from the best LSAT instructors in the biz over 112 hours of class time. These instructors are hired for their ability to convey complicated concepts and strategies tested on LSAT in a clear, straightforward, and engaging manner. Through this instruction, these classroom courses are, in fact, able to increase their practice exam scores by 11 points, on average.

    If you want to learn from one of our veteran instructors, but you don’t live near one of our many classroom course locations, the live course is a great option for you. This course will provide the schedule and instruction of a classroom course, but you’ll be able to attend classes virtually. Each class will be taught as a webinar, to give you the full classroom experience without ever having to leave your home.

    Finally, for those of you who like to move at your own pace, who have a hectic schedule, or who just love well-produced LSAT videos, we present to you our on-demand online course. The on-demand online course will cover the same curriculum as the classroom and live online courses, but you’ll learn this curriculum through 88 hours of online videos taught by Blueprint founders Matt and Trent.

    And — best of all — you can take any one of these three courses at a discount. From right this very moment, on the 23rd day of the month October in the year 2018 until Sunday, October 28th, at 11:59 pm Pacific, you can get $300 off our classroom course (just use promo code JAN300 when checking out), $150 off our live online course (JAN150), and $75 off the first month of a subscription to our online course (JAN75). The clock is ticking on the 2018-19 admissions timeline and January will be here before you know it, so don’t delay any further! Make sure to secure your seat and your discount in one of these three courses before Sunday, and your law school goals will be that much closer to becoming a reality.

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