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How Getting Engaged is Like Taking the LSAT

As some of you may have heard, I recently got engaged to an amazing woman. As many of my friends told me, it’s about damn time.

Having met at law school, my relationship with Kristin is shorter than my relationship with the LSAT. However, the relationship with the LSAT has always been love-hate; with Kristin, it has always just been love. I’ll give everyone a minute to say, “Aww!’ Or to wretch.

So now that I’m engaged, what similarities does it have with the LSAT? You better believe they’ve asked me to write an LSAT blog article listing them.

How Getting Engaged is Like Taking the LSAT I: Sometimes it’s better to just get it over with

Romantic, I know. But like many of you planning to take the LSAT, I had put it off for so long that it became a bigger thing than it actually was. Being engaged is a big deal, just like going to law school; but that first step should sometimes be taken quickly instead of agonizing over it for months.

I picked up the ring and was planning on coming up with a grand romantic gesture for the proposal. Instead, I gave it to her as quickly as possible. So unless you have a reason for delay, don’t postpone your LSAT. By the time you’ve registered, you should have already made up your mind that this is the right choice for you

How Getting Engaged is Like Taking the LSAT II: Even when you’re sure of the answer, it’s still nerve-wracking

Kristin didn’t want a diamond. And I quickly realized I was in over my head. So I brought her with me to pick out her stone. After being present for ring shopping, I was pretty certain she was going to say yes. However, when the moment came there was still that small part of me that wasn’t sure of the answer.

I’m sure those of you studying for the LSAT know the feeling.

But you’ve got to be confident, take a deep breath, and go for it.

How Getting Engaged is Like Taking the LSAT III: It’s a small step with a lot of meaning

As my grandma might say, Kristin and I have been living in sin for several years. We’ve already started our life together. So you might think that putting a ring on it wasn’t a big deal.

You’d be wrong.

Much like the four hours of the LSAT is a drop in the bucket compared to the entire law school experience and your future as an attorney, the engagement is a small part of the rest of my life with Kristin. But you always remember your engagement, just like you’ll never be able to forget the LSAT.

How Getting Engaged is Like Taking the LSAT IV: It really is expensive

Registering for the LSAT ain’t cheap. And as I said before, Kristin didn’t want to diamond, but that doesn’t mean she wanted a stone found in Central Park either.

There’s no way around it — engagement rings are expensive. But it pales in comparison to what I’m getting in return, just like your future salary as an attorney absolutely dwarfs the LSAT registration fee.

How Getting Engaged is Like Taking the LSAT V: If you get the result you want, it’s the greatest feeling in the world

Most of you reading this know that I received a 180 LSAT score. That was an awesome feeling.

It’s nothing compared to the feeling when Kristin said yes.

But she’s already agreed to marry me, so you’re out of luck. It doesn’t even come close to comparing, but take what you can get, do well on the LSAT, and then head to law school. Maybe you’ll get as lucky as I did and find somebody amazing to spend the rest of your life with.