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Avoid Burning Out as the October LSAT Deadlines Loom

Want to hear a scary story?

There are two more weeks until the deadline to sign up for the October LSAT.

If you think there’s even a chance that you might want to sign up for the October LSAT, you should sign up today. Right now. You can always withdraw from the test in advance, and it won’t even show up on your law school applications; you might forfeit the money you spent on signing up, but that’s way better than feeling ready in October but being forced to wait until the December LSAT.

For those of you who are already signed up for the October LSAT, you’re probably deep into your studying, starting to get things figured out, maybe even feeling cautiously optimistic. But you’ve heard tales of horror and whispered rumors from people on the street about everyone’s worst LSAT nightmare – the dreaded burnout.

Here’s how it happens: You’ve been spending hours every day studying for the LSAT, and you’re finally starting to feel good about your improvement. But you start noticing that it’s becoming increasingly hard to force yourself to crack your textbook. You push through it for a few days, but when you can’t even finish an LSAT Reading Comprehension passage without spacing out, you realize that you have a problem. That’s burnout.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix burnout is by easing back on the studying for a bit. If you find that the thought of spending another night studying for the LSAT makes you want to vomit, don’t study – just take a day off. LSAT students hate hearing that, and taking any time off makes them nervous, but it really is the best thing to do. In extreme cases of burnout, you may even need to take more than one day off.

And to avoid burnout entirely, remember that everything is better in moderation. If you take two practice LSAT tests per day for two months (which is not a good idea anyway), don’t be surprised if you end up feeling mighty burned out two weeks before test. You will not miss out on a 180 LSAT score because you decided to spend one night getting dinner and drinks with your friends, so go out and have fun once in a while – but be ready to hit the books again the next day.