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Happy Grey Day to the June 2018 LSATers!


Note: LSAC told everyone … nay, promised everyone … that the June 2018 LSAT scores would be released today, Friday, June 29th. So we had this whole post about how to spend the day while you wait for your score to be released. Then they starting releasing the scores late last night ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, if you’re the last living soul to get a score, there’s some good advice here. Otherwise, file this away for future reference, if you’re retaking a later test.

Happy Grey Day everybody! For those who aren’t familiar with this special event that occurs an ever-growing number of times per year, Grey Day is the foreboding name used for the LSAT score release date, so called because it’s the day that the green icons on your LSAC account go grey, shortly before your LSAT score is actually released.

Some folks anxiously awaiting their scores may be wondering about the best way to spend their time today, but I believe there are really only a few ways to spend Grey Day, if you’re one of those waiting on your score, and each option for getting through Grey Day has its pros and cons. Read on to see what I mean.

Option 1

Probably the most popular way of waiting for your LSAT score, you try so hard to forget all about the exam, but the fear of a low score (140…120…119???) hits you so hard today that you spend every minute refreshing your phone or computer while you pretend to be going about your day as usual. You’re bad at pretending, so your inattention annoys everyone around you.

Pros: You may eventually learn your LSAT score minutes earlier than you would if had actually gone about your day normally.

Cons: Everyone judges you for wasting the entire day, the constant refreshing only adds to your stress, and checking for your score release while driving is super dangerous.

Option 2

You decide to unplug for the day. No phone reception means no way to check your score. It’s like the real world doesn’t even exist, much less your exam. You go on a 2 mile hike that feels like 10 miles (you haven’t exerted yourself like this in a while), while you daydream about selling off all of your possessions and going out on an adventure like in Into the Wild, but with a happier ending. You return home in the early afternoon and check your computer for the score release for the rest of the day.

Pros: You’re getting some much-needed exercise and fresh air.

Cons: Who are you kidding? Your score is coming out today, and getting away is only postponing the inevitable. Only now, you’ve got blisters from your barely-used hiking boots.

Option 3

It’s impossible to give up control over the test, so you spend your day continuing to study for the LSAT, even though you really hope to never take the test again after today. As you grade another practice exam, you somehow feel like the results will tell you how you did on the official exam. Since you haven’t been studying in the last few weeks, the practice exam score is lower than you hoped and it makes the day so much worse. You read back through your practice exams where you scored the highest, caressing the pages and whispering “my Precious.”

Pros: You’ll have a slight leg up on studying if you decide to retake.

Cons: Nothing can change your official score before it comes out today, but you may just drive yourself crazy by fixating on the test.

Option 4

You have a real job already, and it’s not going to wait on your LSAT score. While the LSAC elves are busy working away on your score, you’re out in the real world, delivering babies or finishing a thousand years’ worth of expense reports. You don’t have time to think about your LSAT score until later in the day, because your mind is busy with something else. At the end of your day, you check your score and then probably go pick up your kid from soccer.

Pros: Your day is difficult enough without the LSAT, so you put your energy into things that were useful.

Cons: Sometimes we can forget that the LSAT really is an important feat, and it’s one worth celebrating once the results are in.

Maybe there are even more ways to spend Grey Day than I’ve described above, but you’ll find that, no matter how it’s spent, the score release will come out all the same. We can’t control exactly when that moment will come, but every person who sat for the June LSAT and receives their score today has accomplished something that they should feel good about. Once it’s over, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back.