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Feb 2018 Test Takers: Your Score’s Coming Wednesday

Well, it’s official: the score release date for the February 2018 LSAT will be Wednesday, March 7. So this Wednesday, one day earlier than the scheduled release date of Thursday, March 8.

In a kindly worded and #motivational note posted on LSAC students’ accounts, LSAC CEO Kellye Testy announced the score release date. Really, she did. Take a look at your LSAC account right now if you don’t believe me. I’ll wait.

Or I could just note that the message said:

I know that waiting on your scores is difficult, and I am writing you to give you an update on where the process stands as of now.

First, scores for the February test will be released on: Wednesday, March 7, in the early evening. The severe winter storm this weekend in the Northeast has not impacted our schedule.

I know beneficence isn’t a concept usually associated with the LSAT, but look at Ms. Testy, being all empathetic to your current anxiety levels. Anyway, that’s pretty chill of LSAC to announce the release date so you don’t have nervously check your account hourly or half-hourly or ten minute-ly.

But the big part of the announcement is what followed:

Second, we are making changes to permit quicker score releases in the future, while also maintaining our commitment to accuracy and fairness. We will have additional information on specifics later this spring.

Nice! We always knew it was possible to score a multiple choice, scantron-scored exam in fewer than three weeks. All that was needed was some persistence and, apparently, changes to the current system they’re using. We obviously don’t know the specifics yet, but presumably, LSAC is replacing the herd of cats currently tasked with gathering and scoring the exam, and replacing those lolly-gagging felines with a colony of hyper-efficient beavers.

Finally, for future LSAT takers, it should be noted:

In the meanwhile, for the rest of 2018 we will set the release dates on the scores on an aggressive timeline to minimize your wait time, and stick to that schedule to minimize any anxiety about those release dates.

So it sounds like for now, LSAC’ll give you the scheduled score release date — based on an “aggressive,” as opposed to timid. timeline, blessedly — and the score will be released on that date. And not a moment later (or earlier). So no more stressing out the week before the exam, as you wait in limbo trying to guess whether Grey Day will come earlier than expected. Again, pretty chill of LSAC of try to minimize future test takers’ nerves.

So that’s that. Feb 2018 test takers: your score will be released on Wednesday. Future LSAT takers: pay attention to the scheduled score release date, and mark your calendars.