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February 2012 LSAT Withdraw Deadline is Tomorrow

Ahhh, late withdrawal. The cause of many an unwanted pregnancy. Wait. Wrong blog. Was I supposed to take a left at Albuquerque? Anyway, moving right along…

Ahhh, late withdrawal. The cause of many a lost LSAT registration fee (there, that’s better). That’s right kids, your last chance to shirk February LSAT test day draws nigh (as in, tomorrow). But should you take it (your chance, that is)?

As with all matters law, it depends. As those of you who read the second paragraph may have noticed, late LSAT withdrawal means total forfeiture of your registration fee. So you have to be okay with throwing away that cash before you start asking yourself any other questions.

Once you’re past the money issue, the answer is mainly one of preparedness. You have to look in the mirror (at least figuratively) and ask yourself whether or not you’ve done everything you can to ensure LSAT success. Did you do all (or at least nearly all) of the homework you were assigned? Did you do it while employing the techniques you learned in the proper fashion? Have you seen improvement as you’ve progressed in your studies? If you can honestly tell yourself you’ve given it your all, then you’ll never be more prepared than you are now. You can chalk your desire to withdraw up to simple LSAT test day jitters. It’s normal. It just means you give a crap about your LSAT score.

Now, let’s say you slacked off on your homework. Or maybe you had a family emergency during your LSAT preparation. Maybe your significant other broke up with you. You had a bad run in Vegas (or you simply visited Vegas). Then you’d be someone with just cause to doubt his/her level of preparedness. Have you adjusted your sleep schedule so you’re getting up at the same time you will on test day? Are you practicing in the morning so you’re used to doing exam problems during the proper time of day? Do you have a plan for your exam day morning? If these are questions you have yet to ponder or you can’t answer them affirmatively, you may want to consider taking advantage of the late withdrawal option. After all, it’s far better at preventing disaster than the pull out method.