Enjoy Your Final Weekend Without a February LSAT Score

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    February LSAT scores are supposed to come out March 5. Right now, you probably feel like Leonardo DiCaprio waiting for an Oscar. And just like DiCaprio, you’re probably gonna have to keep waiting this weekend.

    LSAT scores are typically released a few days before they’re scheduled to come out. The LSAC likes to play with your emotions like that. But, they probably won’t come out more than two days early. I predict you’ll get your February LSAT scores this Monday.

    But, you should keep checking until then, just in case. To check, you’ll need to log in to your LSAC account, and navigate to your “LSAT Status” page. If the icons in the “LSAT Documents” table have turned gray, then the February LSAT scores are coming out!

    To make this whole process more dramatic, the LSAC will release LSAT scores in batches throughout the day. Eventually, you’ll get an email containing your February LSAT score. If you’d like to see your LSAT score a bit sooner, then you can keep refreshing your “LSAT Status” page. Personally, I don’t recommend this particular form of masochism.

    Let’s think happy thoughts until February LSAT scores come out. I’ve gathered some good news:

    Offer rates for summer 2013 interns approach pre-financial crisis levels

    There will be more jobs than graduates in 2016

    The number of LSAT test-takers is still dropping

    Good luck everyone!

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