LSAC Releases February LSAT Scores…on Sunday?!

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    The mailman doesn’t deliver on Sunday, but LSAC does.

    February LSAT scores arrived yesterday, much sooner than anyone expected — and on a Sunday, no less. It’s the first time that’s happened in recent (or distant) memory.

    At this point, you should have received your February LSAT score by email, but if it somehow got lost in your spam folder, you can always find out by logging into your LSAC account and navigating to the “LSAT Status” page.

    Whether you received good, bad, or so-so news yesterday, chances are this entire process has been stressful for you. It’s tempting to ask “What now?” and immediately become overwhelmed with what lies ahead, whether it’s retaking or moving on to the rest of the law school application process. But before you contemplate the next step forward, take a step back. For better or worse, what’s done is done, and it’s important to properly put the February LSAT behind you.

    My advice: allow yourself this one day to take a load off your mind. Your February LSAT score was yesterday; tomorrow you can start contemplating your long and prosperous future. But today is just Monday. So in whatever small way you can, make the day yours — take a walk, enjoy a blueberry muffin, or listen to some good tunes. Because Mondays are hard enough already.

    If you’d like some place to hash out your thoughts, please chime in in the comments. As we all know, the February LSAT is undisclosed, so it’ll be difficult to talk about specifics of the exam. But here’s a starting point:

    Why the heck did LSAC release LSAT scores on a Sunday?

    ***UPDATE: Here’s an official reply from LSAC on why LSAT scores were released on a Sunday:

    Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.49.43 AM

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