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Don’t Forget: Sign up for Wednesday’s Webinar on the July LSAT!

When LSAC announced that there would be a brand-new LSAT in July 2018, the greater community of LSAT-watchers lost its dang mind. Think about it: since, like, practically the middle ages (read: 1991), the LSAT had been given four times a year. Now, all of the sudden, there was going to be this fifth LSAT. That’s a (checking my math) 25% increase in LSAT. That’s sizable!

What if something you always knew was four suddenly became five? What if NBA games suddenly had five quarters?! Well, they’d be called quintiles, for one, so bad example. What if squares suddenly had five sides? I guess that’s a pentagon, bad example again. I got it: what if your dog suddenly had five legs? Yeah, that’d be insane. You’d still love the little guy, but it’d be weird. Kids would point at it. And that’s how we all felt about the July LSAT. The five-legged dog of standardized tests.

So if you’re interested in taking the July LSAT, but feel intimidated by its newness, its strangeness, its five-legged dogness, we’re here to … ahem … throw you a bone. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the July LSAT during our free webinar, “Everything You Need To Know About the July LSAT.” The webinar will be on Wednesday, April 25, at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST. The host will be yours truly, and I have known about the July LSAT since about five minutes after LSAC announced it. Which basically makes me the leading authority on the July exam.

During this 30-minute web presentation, we’ll cover what makes the July LSAT different from the other LSATs, what you should do to best prepare for the July exam, and what you should after the exam to give you the best chance of getting into the law school of your choice.

Plus, we’ll be giving out a discount code good for $300 off our classroom course to all attendees. You’ll be able to use that discount until 11:59 pm PST on May 9. To attend this webinar and get this discount, all you have to do is RSVP right here. Make sure you do so soon, because space is limited!

These classroom courses, by the way, are a great way to ensure that you’re prepared for the July LSAT. And we have classes planned specifically for the July LSAT, which we’ve listed below. So make sure to RSVP and check out our classes for the July LSAT. After you ace the July exam, you’ll be able to spend the (five-legged) dog days of summer in a post-LSAT bliss.

Bay Area:

Berkeley: Starts Saturday, 4/21 with instructor Aaron Cohn

District of Columbia:

Washington, D.C.: Starts Saturday, 5/5 with instructor Shir Davidovicz


Chicago: Starts Saturday, 5/12 with instructor Cory O’Brien

Los Angeles:

UCLA: Starts Saturday, 4/21 with instructor Kyle Gehrmann

New York:

Upper East Side 1: Started Saturday, 4/7 with instructor Dash Kwiatkowski
Upper East Side 2: Starts Sunday, 5/20 with instructor Dash Kwiatkowski

Orange County:

Irvine: Starts Saturday, 5/5 with instructor Ross Rinehart