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Logical Reasonings

A. There’s still time to RSVP to Wednesday’s webinar, “Everything You Need to Know About the July LSAT.” The webinar is at 6 pm Pacific, will last 30 minutes, and will cover the brand new July LSAT. Oh, you’ll also get $300 off Blueprint’s classroom course by attending. RSVP right here! Blueprint LSAT

B. USNWR has some advice on the importance of geography in choosing a law school to attend. US News & World Report

C. An Oregon Law professor who wore blackface as a Halloween costume will not only keep her job, she’ll be teaching law students about race. Above the Law

D. Unfortunately for magician David Copperfield, oral testimony during a slip-and-fall case related to his Vegas act revealed how his signature trick — excuse me — illusion works. NPR

E. Here’s a 4th Amendment issue the constitutional framers almost certainly didn’t anticipate: can cops use a dead guy’s finger to unlock his iPhone without a warrant? Tampa Bay Times