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Logical Reasonings

A. Don’t forget to sign up for next Wednesday’s webinar, “Everything You Need to Know About the July LSAT.” By attending, you’ll get a discount code good for $300 off our live, classroom course by attending. RSVP at the following link! Blueprint LSAT

B. Law school admissions consultant Michael Spivey gave his predictions on the 2018-19 admissions cycle. Good news for you, assuming he’s correct: he believes the spike in both applicants and applicants with good LSAT scores was a blip, and that things will regress next year. Spivey Consulting

C. Kentucky slashed its state funding for legal aid, which could set a bad precedent for the funding of public interest law. Above the Law

D. After the indisputably successful legal advice he gave concerning the first version of the travel ban, Rudy Giuliani is finally joining Trump’s legal team to help negotiate an end to the Mueller investigation. Luckily for Rudy, we know all know he can’t fail. Washington Post

E. And on the first day of the job, Rudy got a pretty major case thrown his way: the DNC is suing the Trump campaign, arguing that there was indeed collusion. Racketeering, even. NY Times