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Columbus Day: One of December LSAT Prep’s Many Holidays

With Columbus Day today, Halloween right around the corner, and shopping malls already celebrating Christmas, those of you studying for the December LSAT have no doubt begun to fret about how to study around the holidays. Well fret not, LSATers, I’m here with a list of strategies for holidays both prominent and obscure to aid you on your way.

December LSAT Prep Holiday I to be Reckoned With: Halloween

Partying as you normally would probably shouldn’t be your strategy of choice. Hangovers and LSAT Reading Comp passages don’t mix nearly as well as Jack and Coke. That doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun at all, though. With the way studying is running you ragged, you may not even need a costume. Just let your slovenly appearance and sunken eyes do the trick.

December LSAT Prep Holiday II to be Reckoned With: Thanksgiving

Ahhh, Turkey Day. Without a doubt my favorite holiday. Gobs of food, three professional football games and nothing else to do…except study 🙁 My suggestion? Get it out of the way in the morning. Give yourself a chance to enjoy this most glorious holiday. You’ll be in the home stretch so getting up early to study and giving yourself the rest of the day off is probably a good idea from a freshness perspective as well.

December LSAT Prep Holiday III to be Reckoned With: Black Friday

The annual ode to rampant consumerism. Waiting outside a Walmart all night isn’t what I’d call an ideal study strategy. But some people just can’t wait to trample others for a shot at a cheap TV. If you count yourself among that lot then I suggest you wile away the hours in line with study materials in hand, a study light and a warm blanket.

December LSAT Prep Holiday IV to be Reckoned With: Veterans Day

A day to pay respect to those who have served in our nation’s armed forces. What better way to say thank you for the freedom to attend law school than studying your ass off? I can think of none. Much like a good LSAT score, freedom is earned, not given.

December LSAT Prep Days of Observation to be Reckoned With

October 18 is Chocolate Cupcake Day. Celebrate by treating yourself to a study break sugar rush. Adding a cup of coffee to the mix probably wouldn’t hurt either.

October 20 is Information Overload Day. They could just as easily rename it I’m Studying for the LSAT Day. Observe the day by ensuring that you’re not overloaded with information outside of your LSAT studies. Focus on what matters and find your way to success.

In honor of Daylight Savings Time (yep, another distraction before the fall LSAT), November 3 is Zero Tasking Day. Use your extra hour to take a much needed break from December LSAT prep. Turn your brain off. Kick your feet up. The only reading you should do is your microwave’s instruction manual to figure out how to set your clock back an hour.