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Changing Seasons: December LSAT Prep is Underway

The October LSAT has just barely come and gone. Today is the deadline to cancel your LSAT score, and those who choose to keep their October LSAT scores won’t see them released for another few weeks.

But don’t let that hide that the December LSAT is fast approaching; if you’re not too happy with how the October LSAT went, or if you decided at the last minute not to take the October LSAT, you get a chance for a do-over in less than two months.

That’s right: two months.

There’s little time to dawdle if you’re thinking of taking the December LSAT. If you took the October LSAT, give yourself a little break. Take a week to get the LSAT off your mind.

Then, get back to studying. Don’t just pick up where you left off. Slow everything down for a few weeks. Identify the areas that you were less confident about on the October LSAT. Take the time pressure off, and do your best to really figure those areas out. What makes the answers right or wrong? What patterns should you look for? Which of LSAC’s tricks are you prone to falling for?

Then, it’ll be time to take some timed LSAT practice tests. Do them, review them carefully, and review concepts as needed. Try to make anything you didn’t feel confident about going into October into one of your strengths.

If you didn’t prepare for the October LSAT and are thinking of taking the December LSAT, it’s time for you, too, to get started. Now. Not tomorrow. Now. There’s a lot of LSAT to cover. But you still have time to do it right. Learn everything slowly at first before you work on picking up the pace.

All December LSAT test takers will have to contend with Thanksgiving, which happens to be the weekend before the LSAT. A nice Thanksgiving dinner with your family or friends can be a nice way to take a little break from LSAT studies. For that matter, an insane and conflict-filled Thanksgiving dinner with your crazy family might be an even better distraction. But after that, you’ll have to get some serious last minute studying done that weekend. So as you plan your holidays, factor that in.

Good luck, and remember: if you take the December LSAT and things go well, you’ll never have to do a single LSAT Reading Comprehension passage ever again. How’s that for a Christmas present?