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Best of Luck From Your Friends at Blueprint!


This is it!

You’ve put in a whole lot of hours (76 hours of lessons, another 24 hours of practice exams, plus countless hours of homework and extra practice), you’ve laughed and maybe cried, you’ve felt the frustration of a disappointing practice exam score and the elation of a substantial improvement. And now — a mere 24 hours from the writing of this post — you’ll be facing your greatest challenge of your young life thus far: The Law School Admission Test.

Everyone at Blueprint — the founders, the staff, and your instructor(s) — are pulling for you. Your success is our success, and we hope that you knock it out of the park tomorrow. In fact, we’re so interested in what’s going on with you that we’ll be manning this blog and we’ll have people in the office all weekend so that you can check in before or after (but not during; that’s an offense that’ll get you kicked out) this weekend’s exam.

Tomorrow, we’ll post our tried and true Instant Recap, and we’ll help you gauge your performance, including snooping around to figure out which section was the experimental section. So please check in and leave comments on the blog about the test, or feel free to call/email the office.

Even if you’ve postponed the exam until December, you still have earned a hearty congratulations! All that hard work is something to be proud of, and you’re well positioned to rock the December exam and start law school at a great institution next fall.

Today, though, we urge you to treat yourself to something special — you know, that thing/service/prank you’ve been thinking about — and try to have as stress-free a day as possible knowing that test day is here.

So with that, best of luck on the exam and beyond!