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September 2016 LSAT: Instant Recap


Ack! It’s over. Alright, here’s a sample of what we know:

Logic Games

It appears that there is widespread pandemonium regarding a Logic Game about computer viruses. This information has come from people who did not have an extra Logic Games section, meaning that this game was the real deal and will factor into your score. Please tell us what you know below.

Reading Comp

Reading Comp wasn’t too much more difficult than usual, although there were apparently some tough questions associated with a passage about a lacquer artist. Again, if you had that passage, that was likely the real Reading Comp section.

Logical Reasoning

Apparently people got caught up on a stimulus about misunderstanding a word (ironic, isn’t it?) This was the real deal.

Experimental Sections

If you had two Reading Comp or Logic Games sections, one of those was the experimental. If you had three Logical Reasoning sections, one of them was the experimental. These appear to be experimental sections:

Reading Comp

-Multiverse/Big Bang
-Something about alien civilizations
-European Union competition law

Logic Games

Information is slight so far. Will update.

Logical Reasoning

-Loggerhead turtles
-Toddlers and puppets (don’t ask)
-Plastic in the ocean

For more info, see the LSAT subreddit.

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