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August 2022 Post-Test Reactions

For many people, August represents the end of summer vacation—but for those who took the LSAT this past weekend, it represents the end of a long, grueling period of studying.

Although some of us might be planning an October retake, at the very least, it’s time for a well-deserved break! Whether you’re finally accepting social invitations that you declined in the name of squeezing in extra practice sets, binge watching a series that everyone you know finished months ago, or taking yourself on a tech-free getaway, everyone at Blueprint Prep wishes you a safe and happy celebration. 

The LSAT and T. Swift

Unlike Taylor Swift’s August, which is about forbidden, unrequited love, this year’s August LSAT will go down in history as relatively boring. The last two test administrations each featured unique upsets: April 2022 LSAT takers endured widespread technical failures, and the powers that be at LSAC chose June 2022 testers to be guinea pigs for a new experimental section. Over the course of this weekend, however, the majority of test takers reported a smooth (and surprise-free) experience!

For those hoping to see the “labeled” experimental sections from June stick around, this may be a little disappointing. Keep in mind, though, that such sections could still appear on future tests.

Breaking Down the Sections

Several students reported finding their Reading Comprehension sections particularly challenging, but the general consensus around Logical Reasoning (especially for students with only one LR section) was “simple and straightforward.” 

Reviews on Games were more mixed: many people bemoaned exceptionally difficult fourth Games, but a few reported no issues.

We’ve been saying it for years: don’t neglect RC! While we won’t know how these initial impressions reflect students’ actual performance for a few weeks, “curve predictions” are already circulating online.

Looking Ahead to the September LSAT

For August test takers that are registered for the September test as well, remember that it’s just around the corner! At Blueprint, we recommend setting a firm deadline for your return to studying in order to stay on track.

It’s best to cap your August post-test celebrations at 3-5 days! Meanwhile, for those August testers who are just beginning to consider retaking, the deadlines to register for the October and November tests are September 1 and September 29, respectively (which means that you can wait to see your score first).

It’s App Time

And for those of you who are ready to move forward with your law school applications, now is a great time to reach out to professors and mentors for letters of recommendation before the fall academic term heats up.

After that, it’s time to take center stage for your personal statement! 

We have plenty of resources at Blueprint Prep to guide you through this next phase. Here’s a blog post on personal statements to get you started. And if you’re interested in one-on-one admissions consulting, you can schedule a free consultation with our advising team!  

The score release countdown starts now! No matter what your score report says, you all deserve to feel proud of the incredible work you put into this. Taking the LSAT is no joke (even though we try to make jokes about it). Congratulations!