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Apply to Law School After the April LSAT: Is It Too Late?

Hey Blueprint! I know deadlines for many law schools have already passed for this admissions cycle. Can I take the April LSAT and still apply to law school and start this fall?

We get this question often. The law school admissions timeline can be a little hard to understand. The general rule of thumb: “the early bird gets the worm.” It’s always better to apply earlier to law school than later. Most law schools (even those with application deadlines) have rolling admissions, where seats in the incoming class are assigned as soon as they start receiving applications. The later you apply, the fewer seats are available. 

Remember, your application is not complete unless you submit a valid LSAT score—whether it be the April LSAT or from an earlier LSAT test date. April LSAT scores are released towards the end of the month, which means your law school application won’t be complete until then. We don’t recommend applying to schools that had January or early-February application deadlines with April LSAT scores because they will have probably already filled their seats by the end of April. Some schools don’t even accept new applications after their deadline; always check with your schools to verify their policies. So what can you do if you want to apply to law school with your April LSAT scores?

I want to start law school this fall. 

If you’re committed to applying this cycle and starting law school in a few months, you have some options! While the T20 schools have application deadlines in the winter, there are many law schools with deadlines in the spring and summer. Here are some schools that will accept the April LSAT:

Law School Deadline
University of Minnesota Law School     6/1/21
University of Florida Levin College of Law     7/15/21
Arizona State O’Connor College of Law     8/1/21
University of Iowa College of Law     5/1/21
University of Georgia School of Law     6/1/21
University of Colorado Law School     5/1/21
Florida State University College of Law     7/31/21


While you wait for your scores to come back, make sure you gather the other components of your law school application. Write your personal statement, get your letters of recommendation, organize your resume, fill out the CAS, etc. Get yourself ready so that the only thing missing from your application is your April LSAT score. 

I don’t need to start law school this fall.

If you don’t want or need to start law school this fall, you’re actually in a great position. You can take the April LSAT and then apply next cycle for admittance in the fall. In fact, you might even be able to apply early next cycle if you get your application in order this summer. 

Taking the April LSAT can be quite advantageous. It’s early enough to be able to retake the LSAT if you want to without feeling rushed. You’ll also benefit from getting that “pesky” standardized testing requirement out of the way so you can focus on summer internships or other resume-boosting extracurriculars. The April LSAT gives you time to enjoy life, work on becoming a more well-rounded applicant, and unsubscribe from /LSAT subreddit! 

Is it too late to prep for the April LSAT?

By now, if we convinced you to take the April LSAT, you’re probably wondering if two months is enough time to prep for the LSAT. That answer is going to be different for everyone. Yes, you do have enough time to prep for the April LSAT if you start now. We have instructor-led classes for the April LSAT starting in a few days! 

However, if you know the next two months are going to be jam-packed with school or work projects, you need to ask yourself if you will be able to make the time to prep. Our Self-Paced Course is perfect for students who want to prep around their schedule, but you will need to stay disciplined and carve out the time. Remember, the best LSAT to take is the one that gives you enough time to prepare for it. 

In conclusion, aspiring lawyer, you can apply to law schools after the April LSAT, but you need to be strategic about where you’re applying. If the school you’re applying to accepts the April LSAT or has a deadline later in the year, then you will be OK! However, if your school’s deadline will have long since passed by the time you receive your LSAT score, then you might want to wait until the next cycle to apply. Never compare your timeline and your journey with anyone else’s! You’ll get sworn in to practice law before you know it!
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