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7 Law School Scholarships You Need to Apply For

  • by Fehbe Meza
  • Jan 23, 2024
  • financial aid, Law School, Law School Admissions, Law School Scholarships
  • Reviewed by: Matt Riley

The law school journey can feel like preparing for a climb up Mount Everest—a colossal commitment, mentally and financially. Fortunately, there are tons of law school scholarships that can alleviate the financial stress.

We’ve done the research and found seven law school scholarships you should look into, from law firm fellowships to regular awards.

7 Outside Law School Scholarships

1. ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The American Bar Association sponsors the Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund. The scholarship grants 10-20 incoming law students $15,000 over three years of law school.  Applicants must be entering law students from an underrepresented racial or ethnic minority. 

2. Blueprint LSAT Law School Tuition Scholarship

This might be the easiest law school scholarship you can enter! Just fill out one form and you’re well on your way to winning $20,000 toward your law school tuition! No essay is required and no purchase is necessary. This annual scholarship is open to students planning to start law school next fall. 

Blueprint LSAT Law School Scholarship

3. Weil Legal Innovators (WLI) Program

The Weil Legal Innovators (WLI) Program is perfect for incoming law students interested in addressing today’s most pressing social and legal challenges. To be eligible, students must plan to attend one of their law school partners, including Berkeley Law, NYU Law, Yale Law, UT Austin Law, Harvard Law, Columbia Law School, Duke Law, Georgetown Law, Michigan Law, Stanford Law, and Penn Law. 

Innovators defer their first year of law school to work at a partner nonprofit organization and then receive a $10,000 law school scholarship.

4. Harness IP’s Diversity & Inclusion Fellowship

Harness IP’s Diversity & Inclusion Fellowship provides career mentoring and financial assistance to first and second-year law students interested in pursuing a career in intellectual property law. 

The scholarship includes a paid summer clerkship with Harness IP in one or more of its four offices (Dallas, TX; Detroit, Ml; St. Louis, MO; Washington, DC) and $5,000 in law school tuition assistance upon completion of the summer clerkship.

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5. Marshall-Motley Scholars Program (MMSP)

The Marshall-Motley Scholars Program (MMSP) supports the next wave of civil rights attorneys serving the southern United States. The program provides full financial support for all law school expenses to up to 10 participants over five years.

Participants must commit to practicing civil rights law in pursuit of racial justice in the South for eight years after the fellowship. 

6. Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Not limited to law students, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar Program provides 10,000 students every year with scholarships ranging from $500 – $5,000. HSF Scholars also receive access to additional support, including career services, mentorship, and leadership development.

7. Paul D. White Diversity Scholars Program

The Paul D. White Diversity Scholars Program is open to 1L and 2L students with law school scholarships of up to $10,000. Later, Scholars who accept offers to join the firm as full-time associates will receive an additional $10,000.

Don’t Forget About Merit-Based Law School Scholarships

It never hurts to apply for outside law school scholarships, but law schools also offer their own grants and financial aid. However, many of the full-ride scholarships are given based on merit.

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