2014 February LSAT Blog Carnival

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    If you don’t count the comments section of our Instant Recap and Morning Cometh, there hasn’t been much chatter about the 2014 February LSAT. Unless you check the blogosphere.

    Here are some of the best reactions from February LSAT test-takers themselves on their Tumblr pages:

    -When you’re profile picture is Elle Woods, you know you’re going to have some things to say about the LSAT. Here’s LSAT Princess on how test day nerves got to her (complete with a .GIF!).

    Banana Happyness felt joy while taking the 2014 February LSAT, but she’s pretty sure she’ll have to retake in June.

    -Sometimes you worry about being late to your LSAT testing center. Sometimes vending machines accidentally give you a double order. Both happened to Inquisitive1.

    -Like many test-takers, Kristin fell victim to the stress of time during the February LSAT.

    -And then there’s Jacob, who compared the February LSAT to a certain Lord of the Rings vacation spot.

    What about you? Did you have a take on the 2014 February LSAT that we missed? Link to it in the comments.

    And remember: The clock is ticking to cancel your 2014 February LSAT score. You have until Friday. Look for our LSAT blog post on that topic Thursday.

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