2014 February LSAT Morning Cometh

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    It’s over. The February LSAT is behind us. Take a deep calming breath, and let’s talk.

    I’m here to give you a rundown of the impressions people had, and point you in the right direction for what’s next.

    The February LSAT Was Weird

    Most people I’ve talked to think the February LSAT was weird. It wasn’t scoring the writing sample weird, but weird enough. The general consensus on the Internet, including on our very own LSAT blog, seems to be the same.

    In particular, a rare ordering game seems to have made an appearance. Weird, but in the last few years the trend has been to include one brutal game among three much easier games.

    We predicted a few weeks back you might see some sort of weirdness like this. I’ll repeat what I said then: any weirdness will be reflected in the LSAT’s score “curve.”

    The February LSAT Was Difficult

    People are predicting a big number for the February LSAT’s “curve.” An LSAT’s “curve” is the number of questions you could have missed to score a 170.

    The folks over at the Top Law Schools Forum (TLS) are guessing it’ll fall between -12 and -14:

    February LSAT curve poll

    As a community, TLS tends to be a bit conservative – and not totally free of trolls – when it comes to their estimates. A curve of -13/-14 is a strong possibility.

    What’s Next?

    Some of you may be thinking about canceling your February LSAT score. Usually, this is not a good idea unless you had some clear disaster (maybe you passed out during or messed up your bubbling). If you only have a vague “bad feeling,” then you should know that people have earned 180 LSAT scores after leaving with a “bad feeling.” We’ve got you covered if you want more info on canceling your LSAT score.

    If you do cancel your February LSAT score, you will have a long time until the June LSAT to work on your weaknesses. So, take a week off, and then get right back to studying. You can make a huge jump in your LSAT score if you spend this time practicing correctly.

    Waiting For Your February LSAT Score

    The LSAC says you’ll get your February LSAT scores on March 5. They love surprising people by releasing the scores a few days early, so I’m predicting that you’ll have your February LSAT scores on March 3.

    In the mean time, spend your time wisely. Talk to your professors and TAs about recommendation letters. Write a few personal statement drafts.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them.

    Good luck! And try not to drink too much.

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