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Your September 2018 LSAT Instant Reaction


September test takers, congratulations! You woke up early, ate a nourishing breakfast, ambled over to your test center, checked in, fidgeted nervously as you waited for the test to start, completed five sections of intense multiple choice questions, and then wrote a short persuasive essay for some reason. And now finally — finally! — you can take a well-deserved rest. Or you can elect to drink deeply from the cup of life, imbibing sweet elixirs all night long. No matter how you decide to celebrate this achievement, you’ve earned it.

But first, you may want to unwind by chatting about the exam before your memory of the test evaporates as you realize you are officially done with the LSAT. And that’s what we’re here for. What did you think about that Reading Comp section, in which Thurgood Marshall made a stealth cameo, with the passage about his landmark Shelley v. Kraemer case? What about the Logic Games section? We’re hearing it was just ordering and grouping games, but did anything throw you for a loop? And what crazy topics did they come up with for Logical Reasoning?

So hit us up in the comment section about any thoughts you had about the September 2018 LSAT. We’ll be updating throughout the day, and we’ll be back Monday for a more thorough breakdown of what we’ve heard about the exam.

An important note: LSAC prohibits us from publishing anything super specific about the LSAT (like trying discussing the answers to specific questions). So if your comment is removed, it most likely violated some kind of rule or was close enough that we didn’t want to risk it. Here’s a pretty good guide for what’s acceptable.

Update: We have our thoughts on the September 2018 exam here.