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Your June LSAT Packing List

The big day is almost here. In less than a week, you’ll be taking the LSAT.


Hopefully you’re feeling pretty confident, even if you’re nerves are tingling. At this point, you should be wrapping up your prep with some review and a few practice tests but there aren’t a whole lot more ways to boost your score — except for going in with a positive attitude and a fresh mind. So try to minimize the stress, and maximize the motivational mirror speeches.

If you’re really hankering for a way to feel accomplished and ensure you’re at your best on LSAT day, get your packing out of the way early. Nothing in the universe could possibly be worse than if you forgot your ID or admission ticket, and weren’t allowed to take the exam after months of prep.

Here are the things that are absolutely necessary to have with you on test day:

  • Admission Ticket: If you registered online, this will be in your e-mail. Otherwise it was mailed to you. The ticket contains a bunch of important information (reporting time, reporting address, test center instructions) and is necessary for admittance to the test.
  • Identification: Something government issued – driver’s license, passport, military ID. Your Subway Club Card won’t cut it.
  • Passport-Type Photo: Attach this to your admission ticket. It can’t be the same photo as your government ID, it must accurately represent how you look on test day, and it must be between 1” x 1” and 2” x 2”.
  • Pencils/Erasers/Sharpener: These must be good ol’ number twos. Personally, I think this is just LSAC’s way of intimidating you, like that third-grade teacher who wouldn’t let you use mechanicals even though they’re totally the same thing.

We also highly recommend bringing:

  • Snack & Drink: We made a whole list of tasty goodies that can help you out on LSAT day. Note: drinks must be in a clear plastic bottle.
  • Analog Watch: LSAC expressly prohibits digital clocks, because they were founded by the heir to the Rolex fortune. And also because they’re concerned about cheating.  So if you want to know how fast you’re moving, bring your Swatch.
  • A one gallon Ziplock bag: This is the only thing in which you’re allowed to carry all of the supplies listed above. Seriously, they’re super concerned about cheating.

The following items are absolutely not allowed in the room on test day. Don’t tempt them on any of this – they’re incredibly strict.

  • Cell Phones
  • Electronic timers or digital watches of any kind
  • Books, dictionaries, papers of any kind
  • Headsets, iPods, or other media players
  • Rulers, pens, mechanical pencils
  • Purses/backpacks/briefcases of any kind
  • Earplugs
  • Hats/hoods may not be worn on the head

There you have it. Your complete packing (and DON’T-YOU-EFFING-DARE) list. You don’t need any extra stress right now, so get this all straightened away before the big day.