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Your February 2018 LSAT Instant Reaction

  • by Ross Rinehart
  • Feb 10, 2018
  • LSAT

Many, many congratulations to all of you future lawyers out there who are just getting out of the February LSAT! Hopefully you walked out of that exam feeling like …


… or if you’re a little more intense like …


… or if you took the exam with your crew like …


… or if you’ve already started the party like …


Once those waves of excitement die down (seriously, no more LSAT studying for you, at least for a little bit!), we’d love to hear how it went for you! So before you indulge too much in your celebratory elixir of choice, drop us a comment below to share your experience in the LSAT today. Any crazy games? Fascinating topics in Logical Reasoning or Reading Comp? Overzealous proctors? Sounds like there were a couple unique games at the end at the end of the LG section, one about museum guards investigating a robbery and one about econ classes. Any hot takes on those?

Alternatively, if you left today’s exam feeling a bit like this …


… let the comment section serve as a safe space to unburden yourself. We’re here for you. We’ll be updating throughout the day. And then check back here on Monday for a more detailed look into the exam.

Congrats again, from all of us at Blueprint!

An important note: LSAC prohibits us from publishing many specifics from this or any LSAT (including discussing the answers to individual questions, trying to identify the experimental section, &c.). So if your comment is removed, it most likely violated some kind of rule or was close enough that we didn’t want to risk it. Here’s a pretty good guide for what’s acceptable.

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