Get Your Beloved the Best Gift of All with Our Valentine’s Day Sale!

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    Ahh, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Yes, the bane of any bae’s existence. The nadir of dears. The consternation of copulation.

    What are your plans? Are you literally going to going to be the most unimaginative person ever and go with chocolate and flowers? Think that’s really going to wow him or her? Are you scrap and fight for a table at a restaurant that will serve you and your beloved a prix fixe menu? That may sound sort of nice, but did you know that Valentine’s Day is commonly referred to as “amateur night” in the restaurant industry, in part because restaurants use the night to fleece inexperienced diners with an overpriced menu?

    Alternatively, you could help your boo’s dreams come true. Doesn’t that sound better? If your significant other’s dreams involve law school and a legal career, the LSAT is going to be in the cards. And you can make your better half’s LSAT experience so much better with Blueprint LSAT.

    So, if you need to scramble for a last minute gift, we got your back. This week, we’re holding a Valentine’s Day Sale. From Monday, February 12th at 9 am PST through Friday, February 16th at 6 pm PST, we’re offering deals on a variety of Blueprint products for you to gift to bae without totally draining your bank account.

    You could get your flame one of Blueprint’s guidebooks on the Logic Games and Reading Comprehension sections of the LSAT. Both guidebooks are being offered all-time low price of $39.00 over on Amazon. That’s a 40% discount!

    Both the The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games and The Blueprint for Reading Comprehension will be offered for sale. And both will help your paramour master those sections of the LSAT by providing an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach and tons of practice problems from real LSATs. Plus, everyone who purchases either book will be given an account to Blueprint’s website, which will allow you to watch HD video explanations for every game or passage in the book.

    Or, if you really want to impress your honey, you could enroll him or her in one of our classroom courses. Your dearest will be joining a premiere classroom course where students average an industry-leading 11-point increase from their first to best practice exam. And a leap of that magnitude opens up a ton of doors with respect to which schools your partner will get into, the employment prospects your partner will have upon graduation, and the starting salary at that first law job. And, good news for your wallet, we’re offering $200 off any classroom course this week as part of the Valentine’s Day sale. Just use the promo code LOVEBP when you enroll online.

    Or, if you’re a lonely heart this Valentine’s Day and want to salve the pain of being alone by using these discounts for yourself, that’s cool too! Trust — on behalf of the undateable nerds who live and breathe the LSAT — we understand.

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