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    It’s finally here. The February 2017 LSAT. You’ve learned all there is to learn. You’ve absorbed the material, both by effort and by osmosis — and possibly by some black magic that you ought to keep under wraps.

    You will succeed!

    There’s no more for us to tell you here at Most Strongly Supported, with the exception of this: Treat yo’self today.

    If you must study — because some students will climb the walls if they go a whole day without studying — take it easy. Maybe an hour, and certainly no more than two. You won’t learn anything new today you didn’t already know, and you’re not going to become rusty in 24 hours. Not a well oiled machine like you.

    If you’ve got the Benjamins, buy something nice for yourself that you’ve been wanting. (If you don’t, just know that the Benjamins will be chasing you everywhere you go once you’re a big handsome/beautiful attorney.)

    Seek out peace. Maybe a hike in the woods if you want exertion. I’d recommend a day at the beach, but February usually isn’t great for that kind of thing. Read a book at a coffee shop. Hang out with your significant other. Avoid your significant other, maybe. Whatever makes you feel good.

    Yes, you’re quite likely to have anxiety about tomorrow; that’s to be expected. But you should also be mindful of the fact that tomorrow has been coming all along, and you’ve been preparing for it. There’s nothing to do but execute, and, if you’ve been a good Blueprint student, doing your practice exams and timed sets and all that, then you know how to execute.

    Don’t forget to check in here tomorrow for a recap of the exam. We’ll let you know what we know as soon as we know it.

    Once again, best of luck from your friends here at Blueprint! We’re rooting for you!

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