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Why you should study for the LSAT in the morning (Video)


If, like me, your morning routine invariably begins with a guttural groan followed by a demand of no one in particular for coffee-right-now-or-I-will-break-your-face, you will be supremely disappointed to learn that, with the exception of the June exam, the LSAT is administered at 8:30 am on a Saturday.

Saturday, people.

Why, other than the fact that the nefarious monsters who create the LSAT hate you with the blinding heat of a thousand suns, would they do something like that? Well, first of all, maybe you shouldn’t discount the fact that they hate you with the blinding heat of a thousand suns, although you shouldn’t feel bad because they wish misery and despair upon all aspiring law students. Y’know, nothing personal.

The truth is, these chaps are maddeningly opaque about the things they do and the reasons behind them. However, it seems like they share the mystifying take of most of the world that we ought to be up and doing something (what, pray tell?) at the crack of dawn. Or maybe they just want to see if you can operate after a sleepless night because you’ll be doing that $#!+ on the daily in law school.

Whatever the reason, unless you’re going to hang around until the June exam, which is at 2 pm on a Monday, you’re going to have to be laser focused at 8:30 am if you want to get a great score on test day.

All of that brings us to the super duper helpful video below starring LSAT gold medalist and inventor of Oxi-Clean (not really, don’t sue us Oxi-Clean) Brett Donaldson. Lose yourself in his dreamy baby-blues as he makes studying early in the morning sound not as bad as you thought. Or as bad as you thought, but still necessary. He’ll give you a pointer or three about how to achieve this feat without hurting yourself or your own feelings. You’ll be glad you did when you walk through the doors of your dream law school next year.

At 8:30 am.


Anyway, heeeeeeeeere’s Brett!