What’s the matter with Cal?

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    Remember the name Milo Yiannopoulos? Before some comments about pederasty caused him to fade from public view, there was a big kerfuffle on an evening when he was supposed to speak at UC Berkeley. Protestors and so-called black block anarchists took to the streets. There was chaos. Windows were smashed.

    The campus called off the event for public safety reasons. Instead of speaking to a roomful of college kids, Yiannopoulos got to cry to Fox News about how so-called liberals were interfering with his right to free speech. I’m sure he was soooo disappointed.

    This past weekend, there was more low-level violence in Berkeley. This time the occasion was a pro-Trump march. A few marchers in favor of the President were met by some protestors and, yep, some anarchists, too. Some fistfights ensued. A few people were arrested.

    So Berkeley’s seen some chaos lately. It’s less clear whether that chaos has much of anything to do with Berkeley. While some students protested Milo’s talk on campus, the violent disruption seems to have been caused by outsiders. And news articles about last weekend’s Trump rally list many a city of residence, with nary a mention of Berkeley.

    Berkeley just seems to be everybody’s favorite place to make chaos. Classes at UC Berkeley are going on as usual. Residents and businesses are doing their thing. Most days, Berkeley is as normal as Berkeley can be (not all that normal). But there will surely be more protests, and when they happen, don’t be surprised if some troublemakers make an appearance in Berkeley. When you see them, don’t rush to blame Berkeley.

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