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What to Get that Special Someone (So They’ll Let You Study)


The February LSAT is fast approaching, and with all the studying you’ve been doing, you probably haven’t had time to do any of that pesky holiday shopping. Have no fear, because Blueprint LSAT Prep has you covered with the ultimate gift-giving guide for all the important people in your life.

For Your Significant Other: A boyfriend pillow

You haven’t been around much lately, and your significant other is feeling the strain. To hold your SO over until the February LSAT is done, buy this boyfriend pillow to make up for all the cuddling you don’t have time to do. (Fear not, ladies, for you can buy a girlfriend pillow as well.) As an added bonus, the boyfriend/girlfriend pillow doesn’t point out all the logical fallacies your SO makes while arguing, so he or she may actually come to prefer the pillow over you – at least until you’re done studying.

For Your Pet: A doggie treadmill

Every walk takes away precious time that could be spent reading about 20th century African-American literature or determining which locker Lucinda uses. Now you can accomplish both at the same time by getting your dog a treadmill. It is unclear to me how one actually convinces a dog to walk on a treadmill, but presumably you can dangle a steak at the end of the treadmill belt and it’ll work itself out. Complete the package by getting your dog a disposable potty, and you’ll be saving yourself dozens of precious minutes every day.

For Mom and Dad: A copy of your most recent score report

Let’s be real: Your parents can’t wait to brag to their friends and family about how little Junior is in law school, on the way to becoming a hotshot lawyer. Show them that you’ve been working hard by giving them a copy of the score report from your most recent practice test. It doesn’t even really matter what your score is – no one understands LSAT scoring anyway, and they’re going to be proud of you no matter what. Besides, when’s the last time you gave them something they can hang on the fridge?

For Anyone Else: A $5 gift card to Starbucks

(Or Dunkin Donuts, if you’re a New Englander.) Because nothing says “I’ve been too busy studying to devote any real thought or effort to your gift, but wanted to give you a token of my appreciation anyway” like covering the cost of one overpriced, sugary beverage.


And that’s it! Holiday shopping, complete. Now get back to those books so that you can finish your LSAT studying before your SO, dog, or parents decide that they prefer that boyfriend pillow or doggie treadmill to actually having you around.