What to Do the Day Before Test Day

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    Finally, after months of breathless anticipation and/or looming dread, it’s almost here — the big day. Of course, we’re referring the day before your LSAT.

    It will be a momentous day — one that, in the future, you’ll remember as the day before you crushed the LSAT. Here’s how to spend it in order to achieve maximum crushing the test the following day.

    1. Prepare your test day materials

    LSAC is pretty specific about what you can and can’t bring to the LSAT. Analog watch, yes. Cell phone, no. No. 2 wooden pencils, yes. Earplugs, no. Take some time today to peruse the list of acceptable items and prepare your trusty gallon bag with the requisite supplies.

    In addition to important things like your admissions ticket and ID, make sure that you have a test-day snack ready to go (wouldn’t want to have a rumbly tumbly while you’re trying to get through a Reading Comp section!) and a few warm-up questions ready to get yourself in the groove pre-test. Your warm up should be a few super-easy Logical Reasoning questions and a simple Logic Game that you’ve done before — you’re not trying to test yourself or stress your brain in any way, but rather to get your brain into LSAT Mode before the test starts. You’ll need to toss the warm-up questions before you actually enter the test center, so make sure you don’t bring anything in a format that you’re not ready to part with.

    2. Avoid your LSAT materials

    Today, you should not study at all. Not even a little. Yep, you heard me right.

    Here’s the thing: You’ve been studying for the LSAT for months. You’re not gonna learn anything in one day that you haven’t already drilled into your mind over the course of those loooong months.

    Furthermore, if you study today, you’re opening the door to freaking yourself out or tiring your brain out, both of which would be counterproductive at this point.

    So, back away from the books! Instead, take this opportunity to do the relaxing things you’ve been forsaking over the course of your studies (except boozing it up — save that one for after the test).

    3. Get your mind right

    An underrated truth about the LSAT is that your confidence levels play a surprising role in your results. If you’re feeling good, you’ll move more decisively and be more likely to trust your gut, whereas if you’re not feeling great about things, you’ll work more slowly and second-guess yourself more often. As such, take some time for your favorite pump-up activity, whether that’s praying to your deity of choice, meditating, listening to “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat, or any other activity of your choice.

    It’s extremely normal to feel nervous before you take the LSAT, but taking care of the little things a day in advance can help test day run smoothly, which in turn will make you feel calm, confident, and ready to kick some ass. So take a few moments today to set yourself up for success on test day — you can thank us later.

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