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What to Do Now If Your 2013 December LSAT Was Postponed

Winter made its arrival official last week when it hammered the United States with bitter cold temperatures and dangerous weather conditions. The results: very snowy football, and almost 30 LSAT test centers closed for the 2013 December LSAT.

While most December LSAT test-takers are beginning the long wait for their LSAT scores, or perhaps debating whether to cancel, the unlucky ones who were registered at those LSAT testing centers must now wait for the word on when they’ll get to retake the LSAT. If your December LSAT was delayed, this blog post is for you.

The first thing you should know is that you need to stay ready. LSAC says that it will get word to you this week about your make up December LSAT test date. If past experience is any indication, you may only get a couple days’ notice before you have to go in and take the LSAT. There’s no point in cramming, so don’t go crazy studying, but do enough to stay fresh. Practice some timed sections to stay on your toes. If there was anything you wished you had just a little more time to study before last Saturday, well, now’s your chance.

When you do get to take a rescheduled December LSAT, it won’t be the same test your friends in warmer climates have already taken. And whereas everyone who took the December LSAT on the sixth will get to see the test they took, and what they got right and wrong, you’ll just get an LSAT score. Don’t worry, the LSAT you’ll take will be a real LSAT written and vetted to the same standards as any other LSAT. And while it’s unfortunate that you won’t get to see how you did on a question-by-question basis, that won’t affect your December LSAT score.

LSAC has indicated to us that while they intend to get all the makeup tests done before the holidays, they can’t guarantee that will be possible. And in the event that some test-takers have their December LSAT delayed into the new year, their LSAT scores may be delayed beyond the official score release date. In my personal judgment, that’s unlikely; LSAC has lots of experience scheduling makeup tests and I suspect they’ll get everything rescheduled for you very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you end up taking your makeup LSAT this weekend. So stay ready, view the extra time as a chance to study just a little more, and rock that LSAT.

And for the rest of you who took the December LSAT on its regularly scheduled date, this probably won’t delay your LSAT scores. It may slightly lower the chances that your LSAT score will be released very early, but I’d expect a December LSAT score release right on schedule (LSAC estimates Jan. 6).

So get to work on those law school applications!

Also, if you’re a fall Blueprint LSAT Prep course student whose 2013 December LSAT was postponed, give us a call at 888-4-BP-PREP or email, and we’ll discuss your options as far as accessing your Blueprint account.