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What to Consider Before Cancelling Your October LSAT Score

If you took the October 2012 LSAT, then the window for cancelling your LSAT score is rapidly closing. You have only six calendar days from the day of the October LSAT to formally request that LSAC cancel your LSAT score (so, by Friday). Lucky for you, they offer a number of ways for you to pull the proverbial ripcord.

You can 1) send a signed fax, 2) overnight a letter or 3) send LSAC’s printable cancellation form by expedited mail. Make sure you actually request an LSAT score cancellation, include your name and LSAC account number and a signature. Then just wait for confirmation that your parachute was properly deployed (no mixing metaphors in this paragraph!).

Now that we’ve got that bit of housekeeping out of the way, you need to decide whether or not to cancel your LSAT score. But how to do so? Let’s start at the consequences.

First, you will receive no refund of any kind. In fact, if you overnight a letter, it’ll cost a couple extra bucks. Second, there will be a notation on your law school report that you canceled your LSAT score. If you retake the test and have a stellar LSAT score, that cancellation shouldn’t matter much to admissions officers, but it probably won’t make a “just OK” score look any better.

If you can get past the consequences, you now need to figure whether or not an LSAT score cancellation is appropriate at all. The first thing I would do is take a look at our LSAT blog’s October 2012 LSAT Instant Recap and October 2012 LSAT Morning Cometh. If the recaps say a section was relatively easy, but you found it brutal, perhaps you can make a case for cancelling your October LSAT score. Likewise, if you normally finished every section on your LSAT practice exams without rushing, but ended up having to guess away a bunch of questions on the actual exam, you may want to consider cancelling your LSAT score.

In other words, if something out of the ordinary happened that would cause a huge deviation from your LSAT practice exam scoring, you can take a look at cancelling your LSAT score. That said, give yourself at least until the end of today before you do.

Until then, take a look at one of the best things I’ve seen on the internet this year.