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October 2012 LSAT Morning Cometh


It’s October 7, 2012, which means another LSAT has passed us by. When you’ve been working in this business this long, it’s how you mark the passing of the years.

I talked with a number of students about the exam yesterday. What was remarkable was everyone thought it was pretty easy, except for the section on which they’d been scoring the highest. So those who were relying on RC to prop up their score invariably commented on the difficulty of that section, for example. And the students who were pretty standardized throughout the exam felt that LR was the hardest section, which is par for the course – if there’s no stand-out difficult section, you tend to remember the LR questions that were tricky.

What that tells me is that the test was probably pretty standard, but most likely on the more-difficult side. There was one game that tended to give people trouble, but it seemed to have been easily conquered once you took it easy and just got the rules down. The RC was remarkably unremarkable. And, overall, people looked a lot happier heading out of the exam than I’m used to.

If you don’t feel that way, no need to worry. Almost everyone feels terrible after the exam (I nearly canceled my score, which would have been comical). Spend a day sitting on that feeling before making the decision to cancel or not.

But for everyone else who took the exam for the last time yesterday, congrats on being done!